About Us

Muffy and Mayhem was inspired by my two children and named with them in mind. My daughter's nickname is Muffy and my son can only be described as a precocious, rambunctious, smart, and energetic little boy. I created Muffy and Mayhem Children's Boutique because I was tired of seeing the same selections in the local brick and mortar stores. Kids fashion should be vibrant, unique, swank, and it does not follow trends. 

Muffy and Mayhem is not trendy or follow what other kids are wearing. Instead we offer statement pieces that are edgy and your child will be the leader in creating fashion statements and followers.

As parents we want our children to have a versatile look... clothing that are comfortable, practical, and stylish for everyday activities like school. But... we also want edgy, vogue, and eye-catching styles for special events; family outings, picture day, and other events where it's time to pull out those statement pieces. Children are a reflection of their parents when it comes to fashion and standing out and Muffy and Mayhem is here to provider those show stopping looks. .